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    You know what sucks?

    Because we take a shit ton of vitamins and foods these days are packed with them, our bodies react to that by making changes to our future offspring’s dna.  It’s the science of evolution.  Here’s an example.  Tonight I took 3000 IU of vitamin D, granted I haven’t taken it in a while and since I’ve been staying up late and heard that sunlight in the morning is something your body needs to regulate the circadian rhythm of our body I figured I’d dope up on 750% of my daily requirement of vitamin D (what your body naturally produces when sunlight hits your skin).  The problem here is that when I make that change to my diet and continue taking 750% of my daily value of vitamin D my body decides to make a change to my offspring’s genetics so that when they and future generations down the line will need an outside source for vitamin D instead of being able to produce it’s own vitamin D because I decided to overload on it (the body is smart it picks up on this stuff and prepares the gene pool of the future for it).

    An example of this being a good thing is if lets say since I haven’t been getting a lot of vitamin D in my body and I don’t take the vitamin D supplements to get the adequate amount my body requires on a daily basis, my body will make those changes again to the gene pool and my offspring will be able to produce more vitamin D on less sunlight than I was able to. 

    Luckily this change takes 2 generations to take effect so if I took a bunch of vitamin D in my lifetime and my son or daughter didn’t the gene would be reset and I wouldn’t have fucked up the gene pool.  But if it’s back to back situations of the same overdosing of vitamin D or underdosing of vitamin D then we’d start to see a change.  The body is super cool.

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